A Res by AJ


One of my dear friends commented on the link I shared on Facebook, and it’s SO true! Get out there and volunteer – you have no idea what an amazing difference you can make in someone’s life.Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11_Fotor



MYN Image on Pinterest

As I was trying to clean up my Pinterest boards, I took a walk down memory lane with some of the boards I haven’t looked at in a LONG time! Here’s one called Outfits I Love:


And I DO love all of them!!

A Colorful Countdown

I’m going to a colorful themed NYE party, but no one says you can’t stand out in the sea of black dresses! Opt for a brightly colored long sleeve body con dress with girly details or do a sporty separates look. You can’t ever go wrong with a loud body con dress (maybe from the summer!) with over the knee boots and a jacket. Keep your accessories simple, and you’ll be the talk of the party 🙂 unnamed-3

NEW MYN Image Deal!

carrie-bradshawHow many items in your closet haven’t seen the light of day in months?
How many pieces did you love at the store, but you don’t anymore?
What if someone came and shopped in your closet and put outfits together?!
Sounds like a closet reinvention to me…
Let me show you how to maximize the wardrobe you’ve already got. I’ll come and shop in your closet and put together outfits for you and take the guess work out of getting dressed everyday!
Introductory pricing:
$400 gets you 20 separate outfits – that’s a month’s worth of work wear for the 9 to 5 ladies
$200 gets you 10 separate outfits – this will get you on the track to loving your closet again
As a bonus, add on a look book for $200. Why not have a physical reference guide to all the outfits I put together for you?! Includes a mini style session: I will take pictures of you in all the outfits and get them printed and bound.
style@mynimage.com or ring me: 214-517-8625