Trendy Tuesday: The High Low

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All photos by: Angelina Simms

Top: BCBGeneration
Pants: Hermes
Heels: BCBG Max Azria
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Sunglasses: Vogue


MYN Image Body Type Breakdown

So it’s 2014 and everyone is clamoring to get fit, eat better, and strive toward their resolutions…some might make it until January 31st, and some might make it to the summer. Whoever you are and whatever you aspire to be this year, I’ll give you my pointers for dressing right for your body type – whatever it may be!

BODY TYPES: Redefined, Re-explained, and Simplified!

Basic body types are described as fruits: apple, pear, banana…these aren’t body types! They’re nutritious foods. Let’s make it easier to remember and call them letters for starters…(you can make all these shapes with your hands also)

X – perfect hourglass, proportioned in the shoulders and hips

T – wider shoulders in comparison to the hips

A – wider hips in comparison to the shoulders

I – straight up and down, hips and shoulders in line, little definition in the waist

So there you have the body types. Also, no one talks about the tall vs short body types or the booty and the bust! There are countless combinations, so why stick to the classics? It’s time for a reinvention…stay tuned next week for the booty and boob discussion!

Here are the must have pieces for each body type with variations:

Miss X, if you happen to be of average height and weight, what you need is a great arsenal of statement belts. These will define your waist throughout the year, and add a punch of glam or sass to any outfit. If you are her petite sister, you should have a great maxi. Whether you are heavy set or small framed, a floor skimming maxi will elongate your lower half! If you are already 5’8” for you, I recommend a great mid thigh skimming trench coat. A neutral colored trench in a mid weight fabric can take you from early Fall to late Spring and will keep your frame looking elegant and stylish! Throw a belt around it and tuck that sash in for extra flair.

Dear Miss T, with your proud shoulders and narrow hips, we need to create volume down below, no matter your height or weight! For my little T’s, a great mini flare skirt with body in a season less fabric like a cotton/poly blend is perfect for you. Grab one in grey and pair it throughout the year with all of your slim fitting tops and sweaters. For my tall T’s, what you need is a great wide leg pant. If you can find a high waisted navy pair, you will be in business 365. Pair your palazzos with a bandeau and a cropped blazer and step out in a great wedge!

For all my A’s – you have what every woman wants…hips! But don’t hide them – embrace your body by knowing what’s right for it. A general rule of thumb with disregard to height/weight is to stay clear of super skinny legs. We want to accentuate, not exaggerate! For my short A’s, you need a great fitting straight leg pant. Be it a jean or trouser, make sure you choose a medium or dark wash for year round wear! Pair these with a bold printed flowy top and make it a desk to dinner look. If you are a tall A, go out on a limb and try a flowy jumpsuit. Look for something in a tight knit poly/spandex blend for comfort. If you have a medium to small bust, grab one with a plunging neckline or back. This is something you can doll up for a holiday party or take on summer vacation with ease!

For my I’s only: I know you may have gotten teased in school because you don’t have womanly curves…well, I did anyway. Until they suddenly appeared over one summer break! If you still have a boyish frame, don’t fret. Your body type is the easiest to manipulate. If you are tall, an amazing structured blazer should be your bff. Grab one in a neutral color or black to wear all year to create a waist. Pair a bold shouldered blazer with a wide flowy pant and viola! Instant hourglass. For my tiny I’s, a great asymmetrical dress in a bold color (I’m seeing purple right now) that has movement will not only be season less, but will detract from your frame by providing the eye something else to gaze upon.

So there you have it – MYN Image’s body type break down…Next Friday I will write about the boob and the booty – so check back!

Having a Personal Stylist is Not Just for A-Listers Anymore

Have you ever dreamed of having a personal stylist but couldn’t afford it?
Do you stand in your closet before an event totally stressed with nothing to wear?
Is going to the mall and shopping for yourself a nightmare?!

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you need a personal stylist. MYN is now your personal e-stylist. The first product is MYN Style Boards. They are customized to fit your lifestyle, saving you time!

Everyone is on Pinterest now – you can scour for hours, but do you ever find the exact outfit for you? For your body type and within your budget? You probably won’t!

MYN Style Boards are for the girl or guy on the go, I can get your board to you in less than 24 hours. MYN’s goal is to always be on the forefront of new age fashion. E-styling is the next wave in pop culture – be a part of it!

Not everyone can say they have a personal stylist, but you can!

New Year’s Goals

I don’t much like to make resolutions because it sounds so…ya know? Definite. Concrete. I rather like to make goals for myself because I know that with small daily actions, I can reach them. A resolution to me is like doing anything cold turkey. So, here are my 2013 Goals:

To get 5 visual/styling event contracts for MYN Image
600 likes on MYN Image’s Facebook page
100 MYN Updates subscribers
To get my Nerium Lexus car bonus on or before May 1
Join Fashion Group International
Get my LLC for MYN Image
To read 10 pages of a good book a day
Volunteer once a month
Stay calm and stop being so self critical
To be bolder!
To be a part of DFW Fashion Week
To make it onto one of the local morning news channels

It’s a bit of a list, but a lot of the things go hand in hand. I’m so excited for this year and what is coming…there’s one more huge goal that I didn’t list, but I will tell you when I achieve it. 🙂