PREP Cosmetics

I’m so happy to announce that I’m the official Director of Hip and Happiness for PREP Cosmetics!

Here we all are at the Girls in the Run Summit 2015 in San Diego last week:


I’ll be writing more and more about PREP in the coming weeks!


MYN Image for PREP Cosmetics

My newest endeavor I’m so excited to report is that I’ve been hired as the Director of Hip and Happiness for PREP Cosmetics!! I’m so thrilled for the opportunity. I had been working my tail off going to networking events and all kinds of things – I don’t just want to do editorial styling, I want to make a difference in the world! With PREP, I’ll be able to do that. The company is geared for girls ages 10-16 with a strong give back and sun protection message. There’s also a charity attached to PREP – it’s called Days for Girls. It’s an incredible thing!

Stay tuned for pictures from the photo shoot I styled back in October, and tons more info, giveaways, and other goodies!!


Interview with Emme Hathcock of This One Woman Jewelry: Part One

In the spirit of artistry, I will start highlighting artists making waves in DFW! My first, I am most proud to introduce, is Emme Hathcock of This One Woman jewelry. Her hand beaded, one of a kind designs are breathtaking. After this interview, I realized there is so much more to her pieces that meets the eye. The creativity, the painstaking methodical labor, the love, the passion…it’s so much more incredible that I even knew! Stay tuned for the rest of this interview!

metal matrix necklace

How did you come up with the name of your company?
I struggled for months trying to come up with a name for my company and nothing felt right. I wanted a name with a story behind it. One day a friend and I were tossing about company names and she said something like “what do you call a company that consists of only this one woman who does it all?” and the name was born.
What were your first goals when you decided to do This One Woman?
Two years ago my naive goals were to create jewelry and sell it to everyone. The basic “build it and they will come” mentality.  It makes you want to pat me on the head like a puppy, doesn’t it?  And honestly, in the beginning I had no idea what I was capable of, so my goals continue to change as I grow as an artist and business woman.  I have already surpassed some of my goals which made me realize I did not dream big enough!   I have revised my business plan 4 times in the past 12 months because I am still learning what works and what business options are available to me that I was not aware of.  To be simplistic, my goals have gone from “I want to make pretty jewelry” to “I want to collaborate with Christian Siriano“.  I threw that in there in case he reads your blog 🙂
What made you transition from corporate America to full time jewelry maker?
The transition happened by force.  I had been creating jewelry as a hobby for several years, always dreaming that some day my designs would be on beautiful women or on the runway or featured in a magazine.  If I only had the time.  Suddenly my whole world turned upside down. I got divorced and two weeks later I was laid off from my cushy management position. Talk about reality slapping you in the face. I felt lost like I was waving in the wind.  I had no direction, no identity and no security.  Yet during the months that passed, a small voice inside me kept whispering “Live your dream. It’s time.”.   I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I think that seemingly unbearable situation I found myself in at that time gave me the push I needed to finally go for it. While I was worrying about how to pay my rent I met with business people, found mentors, took business classes, wrote a business plan, learned new design techniques and moved forward with the strength and determination I never knew I had. And the designs just flowed out of me. You never know how strong you are until your only option is to be strong. That period was the darkest time in my life and I hope I never forget the hunger and drive I felt back then to make my business a success.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this awesome interview!

Beauty is Not Only Skin Deep

After seeing this article, I knew I had to share it. It reinforces the fact that beauty is multi-faceted. The saying that “beauty is only skin deep” is bologna. Being beautiful means being courageous, brave, and compassionate.

“Now, amazingly enough, a new pair of videos by Dermablend (a brand of foundation known for its heavy-duty coverage) refuses to pretend that foundation is anything but practical, dot-it-on-your-face-and-blend makeup, and the result is incredibly moving.”

Check out the videos at the end. Prepare to be moved!

Click here to see the ad for Dermablend

Nerium AD Lexus Car Bonus Earner

Congrats on earning your Lexus with Nerium, Holly!
In her own words: “Nerium International came into my life at exactly the WRONG time. I had just returned home from a 2-month stay in Africa where I had been doing battle to adopt our 2 precious children from Uganda. Along with our 3 biological daughters, I had now become the mother of 5 children, all ages 7 and under. I was definitely NOT looking to add anything else to my already full plate. However, the shadow of 4 weddings and 5 college tuitions now loomed over our heads, and I knew any additional income would be put to good use. My sister, Janie Burkett, introduced me to this amazing company. I was quickly sold on the revolutionary product as well as the rock-solid business model. I found the time during my busy schedule to devote to product prospecting and Real Results Parties. I’ve seen my team explode in only 2 short months. The lease on one of our family cars had expired and we were able to replace that car with a beautiful Lexus, thanks to Nerium. I am 100% ALL IN with this company. I now see what our family’s future can look like with a little hard work and dedication – weddings and college tuition PAID IN FULL, with a little extra leftover for some fun family vacations. That is what keeps me motivated. If I can do this, ANYBODY CAN DO THIS!!! Thank you, Nerium International, for making this possible!!!”