What’s in MYN’s Beach Bag?!

Hey folks – it’s been a while. I know. That seems to be the running theme of every blog post I start. Things have gotten REALY busy for me lately. Like, really busy. I’m launching a subscription box service called MYN Style Box, I’m compiling a book for the Behind her Brand series, and I’ve completely re-done my website, packages, and pricing structure.

In the midst of that, the season’s have changed, and with that comes traveling! My favorite thing…so I wanted to share with you what I’d pack for a weekend vacay to the beach. Because where else am I going? I’d go to the beach over almost anywhere else! Check it out below:

MYN Image Beach Bag

Ok, so you have to have a cute plane/arrival outfit: the off the shoulder tee and a denim short in neutral colors work best so you can mix an match with the rest of your gear. I like to take along a one piece bathing suit because it can double as a body suit. Pop a maxi skirt over it and you’ve got a whole new outfit! I never leave anywhere without a backup pair of sunglasses (hey – you could lose them on the banana boat ride) so at least 2 per trip.

Another extra I pack is panties…you NEVER know! Right now, I’m Obsessed with the Naja panty line. Not only is the fabric to die for…I’m talking luxurious people, but everything is made from recycled plastic bottles! How cool is that?! And they’ve got this great program called Underwear for Hope, designed to educate women and help them sustain themselves. I’m all for it! I’m also in love love with all of the Naja bras. I chose this long line number because it’ll be really seamless under my night out dress and the high waist panty will ensure smoothness. There’s nothing worse than VPL of the waist of the panty.

Finally, use your night out clutch to house your jewelry in your bag, and take a pair of heels. Always take a pair of heels. And never forget your sunscreen! PREP Cosmetic’s SPF 30 is what I wear every single day, rain or shine. UVA (aging) rays come right through the clouds folks. And no thanks to skin cancer. You’ll be obsessed with how it smells – light and fresh. Like a scented lotion! AND they’ve got a 20% off coupon good through Wednesday: use SUMMER15 at checkout.

So that’s what’s in my beach bag…now just to actually book the flight and hotel – I’ll be set! Where are YOU traveling this summer?


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