It’s Been a Long Time…

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, I’m re-branding the whole MYN Image thing. Ok, maybe not completely re-branding, just honing my brand. Funneling my ideas into one cohesive deal. Less services offered, but services my clients want. You’ll find that my name will be synonymous with one certain “thing” – I know what that “thing” is, I just can’t describe it at the current moment. It’s fresh and fun, but straightforward. It’s finding an amazing piece of clothing, but staying within your budget. It’s me giving you tough love but at the same time dressing you for your body type, not the trends. No one just says it like it is these days, so there will be a little sass too. Let’s face it – everyone wants to look like someone. Hopefully it’s simply the best version of yourself. But let’s face it again, sometimes you have to try and look like someone else before you realize that YOU are just fine how you are.

So stay tuned for the re-launch.


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