Dolce Vita Shoes

These may be my #1 favorite brand of shoes…I’ve never worn a pair of heels more comfortable…ever! Did I seriously just say “comfortable” and “heels” in the same sentence?! Yes, why yes I did. Because it’s true! Here are couple of pair I’m salivating over:

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I love Dolce Vita because they are stylish, classic, and so comfortable! The quality is always top notch…think about slipping your tootsies into a pair for your next event!


Feelin’ the Fringe

Feelin' the Fringe

Galvan two piece dress
$595 –

Oliver Peoples brown glasses

Monki wool hat
$4.34 –

MYN Coin Challenge: March Edition

Ok, so you know I’m donating all the money on the ground to a homeless shelter at the end of the year. Well my radar has been on, but I haven’t found anything in almost two weeks and I was pretty bummed. 

Until yesterday…

In the parking lot of Five Below

So far, I’ve found and been given over $10!!! I still don’t think it’s enough to really donate to a homeless shelter and it do much good, so I’ve decided that I’ll double or triple what I find throughout the year!

What do you YOU do when you see money on the ground?