Valentino is Always a Neutral

Thanks to Jen Bickerton, I’ve become Obsessed with the Coveteur. Whilst skimming through articles, I came upon this:

‘No matter how many Technicolor feathers it’s affixed with, Valentino is always a neutral.’

I peed my pants a little.

Read the article on How to Get Street Style Snapped


Woman Crush Wednesday

In the spirit of blogging more and getting my *ish together, I’m jumping on the popular hashtag wag and blogging a WCW.

personal shopper dallas image consultant dallas

Here’s to YOU Kourtney Karr! You are not only the biggest supporter of my lil ol blog, but you have cojones the size of grapefruits! I have mad respect for you for following your hustle and picking up and moving across the country. Living in an unfamiliar place takes guts, courage, and ambition; and for that I applaud you! Keep on keepin’ on girlfriend! I’ll be here to root you on all the way.


Trendy Tuesday: MYN Marsala

I’m not a fan of the color red, but I can get down with Marsala – it’s just wine-y enough for me and can be paired with a myriad of other colors! How are YOU rocking the 2015 color of the year?!Trendy Tuesday: MYN Marsala

MYN Coin Challenge

I’ve snapped a few pics of change I’ve found on the ground. I’m giving it all to a homeless shelter at the end of the year.

The coolest thing about this so far is that several people have decided to follow along with my challenge! I think that’s very cool.






I’ve lost count of the grand total on the count of someone gave me a cupful of change they’d been saving. I have some pretty cool friends.