One Resolution for 2015

I pick up money off the ground. Yes I do. I don’t care if the penny is heads up or not, it spends either way! Aldi is a quarter haven sometimes and so is the checkout line at the grocery store. People will drop change and then look at it on the ground and say “Meh- it’s just a dime” uh, lady?! That’s ten whole cents!! So I’m going to designate a cup for every coin and dollar bill I find on the ground in 2015. I will let you know the progress as we forge ahead into 2015. I’m pretty excited because I’ve kept a lot of it in my car’s console over the past couple years, and I stuck my hand to the bottom the other day and pulled up a handful!

I just have to figure out what to do with it on December 31st, 2015!


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