Holiday Shopping Tip O’ the Week

If you’re like me, you’ve tired of standing in line and fighting for a parking space at the mall and have crossed over to 2014. Congratulations, you’re an online shopper! I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that’s been working for my husband’s tech savvy family for years now…everyone lives all over and sometimes we all aren’t together for the holidays. What they do I think is genius: the all have their own Amazon wish lists shared with the family. Everyone just buys exactly what is on the list (within their budget) and sends it to the respective family member. You can get most items gift wrapped by Amazon, but we’ve gotten used to just opening the brown box as the gift wrap!

It’s saved hours at the mall, hours trying to find the perfect thing, and frazzled nerves. I kind of think it’s the best things since sliced bread. And with their free super saver shipping, you hardly pay shipping on anything! Plus if you’re an Amazon Prime person, you get free 2 day shipping. Score. You’re welcome.

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