Happy New Year!

I’m feeling like having a fashion moment…



A Colorful Countdown

I’m going to a colorful themed NYE party, but no one says you can’t stand out in the sea of black dresses! Opt for a brightly colored long sleeve body con dress with girly details or do a sporty separates look. You can’t ever go wrong with a loud body con dress (maybe from the summer!) with over the knee boots and a jacket. Keep your accessories simple, and you’ll be the talk of the party 🙂 unnamed-3

One Resolution for 2015

I pick up money off the ground. Yes I do. I don’t care if the penny is heads up or not, it spends either way! Aldi is a quarter haven sometimes and so is the checkout line at the grocery store. People will drop change and then look at it on the ground and say “Meh- it’s just a dime” uh, lady?! That’s ten whole cents!! So I’m going to designate a cup for every coin and dollar bill I find on the ground in 2015. I will let you know the progress as we forge ahead into 2015. I’m pretty excited because I’ve kept a lot of it in my car’s console over the past couple years, and I stuck my hand to the bottom the other day and pulled up a handful!

I just have to figure out what to do with it on December 31st, 2015!

Who Do You Know That I Should Know?

Ok guys, so here’s how it works in short: you send me business, I pay you money. Done!

Here’s the skinny:
For current MYN Image clients, I’ll give you 10% off your next service.
For non-MYN Image clients, the first 3 people you send me I will pay you $50! For the next 2, I’ll pay you $75, and if you’ve sent me 6 or more clients, well, I will pay you $100 for each one after that.

So…who do you know that I should know?