Thirsty Thursday

So the Holidays are coming up…the booziest, sugar rushed time of year…why is that?! My Pinterest feed is full of Christmas Crack, crazy shots (ok, that one isn’t TOO crazy. Ok, it’s not crazy at all. It actually sounds pretty damn good.), fudge of all kinds, and upside down fruits…ok, so starting at Halloween, it’s ok for us to binge on booze and sweets and fattening foods, then just quit cold turkey (no pun intended) come January?!

Ouch. I’d done this same cycle of doom for years until I wised up a couple years ago. I implemented a simple trick: I’d allow myself to have extra helpings of TWO things, and try to stick to TWO kinds of booze per holiday season. The first year, I stuck to hard ciders and brandy, and let myself have extra mashed potatoes and rolls. Somehow I forgot all about my sweet tooth that year and so last year, I let myself have extra anything pumpkin (hey, let’s not forget that beta carotene/vitamin A boost) and poultry, and the booze of choice was again, brandy. Azteca de Oro to be exact. I kind of can’t get enough.

Ok ok, WHY would I deprive myself of just bingeing out on all of the Holiday treats and eats?! Well for one, I also implemented a mandatory work out 4 days a week. I cut it down from 5 because let’s be honest, I plan for those headachy mornings. When I work out, I’m not too keen on “messing up” my hard work with a bunch of sweets and unnecessary fats. Come January, I’m pretty much tired of having sugar crashes and I’m kind of over drinking anyway, so it’s not really that big of a deal to cut it out almost completely.

I’m not sure what I’m going to binge on this season yet. I’m thinking I may switch it up to whiskey. There are so many new kinds and interesting drinks you can make. Plus, here in Dallas, the hipster whiskey culture is something I can get down with. Who doesn’t love a handlebar mustache and suspenders?! As for the food, honestly, I’m SO down for some Brussels’ sprouts….so down. But I mean, the whole point of the exercise is to binge on the things that aren’t that good for you. We shall see, and I’ll definitely keep you updated.

Do you think I’m completely crazy or do you think this plan could work for you?!


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