Airplane Window Topography Photography

So yeah, I love to fly. I think that’s kind of a “I love it” or an “I hate it” point of view. Me personally, I love it. I’ve had the best drool worthy naps on an airplane. The free Bloody Mary mix and club soda are great cure for a condition that gives you a headache, dry mouth, and sick stomach. If there’s no loud talkers or criers, the hum of the engines (I like sitting over the wing) and smooth ride are very soothing to me. Not to mention that I’m usually really excited for wherever I’m going.

This really doesn’t have much to do with fashion; I’ll get to the fashion-y stuff in a later post. I got to style Monna Musica for a TV show and for an on camera interview…eek!

So for now, here’s a few snaps of my 6 hour journey from Dallas to Burbank, CA. 6 hours?! You might be asking…yes. 6 hours. I really didn’t feel like dealing with LAX and wanted to time it right for when Monica got off work. Made for an extra long day, but it was all worth it!

Here’s some of my plane window topography photography:

IMG_8657Yes Southwest. Because, friendliness.


Maybe I’ll take one a these next time.





I spy with my little eye…




Hungry AND bored?! I give you the sandwich selfie.


I thought this was just freakin’ cool.



Filtered thrice.


So excited to be landing because, leg cramps.


Touchdown Myaann.

On a fashion note, the vest is BCBG Max Azria, the scarf was on mega clearance at Dillard’s, and the sunglasses are from…well, if I told you I might have to kill you, so I won’t say…

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