Trendy Tuesday: The STATEMENT Necklace

Ok so we all know about statement necklaces. I talked about it on the Detective Gomez radio show. But there’s a whole other category…enter the big, the bad, the STATEMENT necklace.
Unlike its counterparts, the STATEMENT necklace (said with emphasis on the long a and with widened eyes, eyebrow raise halfway optional) makes the outfit, nay, IS the outfit.
It’s really a lazy-to-accessorize girl’s best friend. No need to add a bracelet or really earrings. Or even worry too much about the outfit itself. Here’s the basic formula: one blank canvas outfit + STATEMENT necklace = outfit hit, talk of the party, fashion blogger envy. You get the point. Now here’s the first STATEMENT necklace I bought recently in action:


I know, it’s a selfie. A slight bit lame but not to worry friends: I’m having a photo shoot today and you better believe Sheba the STATEMENT necklace will be the star!

More on this and other accessory trends for Fall coming soon!


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