Woman Power Wednesday: Women in Politics

Since it’s Woman Power Wednesday, I’ll ask the question: given the percentage of people in the US ages 18-30 that watch political debates over shows like The Voice, would you tune in to listen to what they had to say if they didn’t dress so boring?! If there were something to look forward to seeing?? I for one definitely would, and I’ll show you; there’s proof in the pudding.

This is what I did for congressional candidate Cami Dean:

Cami B4 and After

It’s an unfortunate reality that in our society, the people that have the physically approved attributes to qualify them as “pretty” or “handsome” or “good looking” get ahead. You can be as beautiful as you want to be on the inside, but the harsh fact is that most people won’t listen to you if you don’t look the part. I have always listened to what people have on the inside before I make assumptions. Some of the most beautiful people I know aren’t the “prettiest” on the outside.

The truth is the truth. If you are the be in the public eye, attracting a certain group of people, you have to look the part. Just as you dress a certain way for an interview (always the next step above the position you’re applying for) you have to appear a certain way to get the result you seek.

So for us here in Texas, would you watch the governor’s debates if Wendy Davis was wearing a DVF dress with a Karen Millen jacket? How about if she had on what the nomad girl wears and has on a little Ann Taylor Loft with a White House Black Market blazer and jewelry? I’m not asking whether you’re a democrat, republican or otherwise. I’m not asking about your political beliefs. My question is would you be more inclined to watch if the candidates had something interesting to draw you in?

Next time, I’ll discuss the unfair advantage men have when it comes to dressing…why is it that they can get away with just getting a hair cut and a shave while we have to moisturize, trim, highlight, contour, accessorize, etc?! Stay tuned!


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