Based on a True Story

I’ve told you before I love to write…a story was told to me by my sister in law, and I’ve re-told it here for entertainment purposes:

In Soviet ruled Georgia, in a village on the Black Sea lived a young girl. She had dark hair and piercing blue-green eyes. She was lovely and everyone adored her and her pale skin made her look doll-like. She was the 7th of 9 children born in her family’s modest home. She always dreamed of one day finding her prince charming as she washed clothes and fetched water. She dreamed of love before her heart was capable of feeling such deep emotion.

There lived a handsome boy in her village. She always admired him for his skill at pottery making. He was from a long line of potters, of which prized clay pots and beautiful wine jugs were their specialty. They never spoke a word, but over the years after passing him at the market and seeing him in the village’s church, she grew fond of him. Little did she know, he was falling in love with her as well.

Like most girls of the time, her future husband was chosen for her. When she came of age, her chosen husband and his family gave her family wine, livestock, and gold pieces in exchange for her hand in marriage. They were wed, but her thoughts were filled with the potter boy, who was now a handsome young man at the age of betrothal. Oh how she longed for her situation to be different!

Her husband’s family made the wine that filled the potter’s familys’ jugs and carafes. She would catch a glimpse of the potter leaving their residence often. Once at a party they locked eyes from across the room for the first time. In that instant, her heart filled with love and compassion, something she experienced for the first time. Every time thereafter, when their eyes met in the market or at a party, the same feeling returned to her and filled her soul. She was in love with him, and he with her. They never spoke a word, but they both knew the feelings one had for the other. He was married about 2 years after she was, but in the church they would see each other across the crowded sanctuary. In the market their eyes would meet, at the home of her in-laws their eyes again would meet. Each time for a little longer, each time the feeling growing ever stronger.

They never spoke a word, never touched, never felt each other’s embrace, she never even knew his name; but the both of them always knew they were meant to be together. The sweetest, most pure love had by two never was to be…


Monna Musica Interview

Here are some shots of Monna Musica at an interview here in Los Angeles at a park and near the Staples Center. Styled by moi of course. I got work with producer Luis Ortega of Estrella TV and his crew. It was an awesome day!IMG_8717 IMG_8733 IMG_8732_2 IMG_8731 IMG_8727 IMG_8726 IMG_8724

I had to put my big face in the mix – I was so happy!!IMG_8722 IMG_8721 IMG_8720 IMG_8719 IMG_8718_2Raspberry top on Monna: Styleshe
Cork wedges: Steve Madden
Black pant, her own

Red dress: BCBG Max Azria
Tights and shoes, her own

Thirsty Thursday: Murph’s Moscow Mule


The verdict on the Murph’s Moscow Mule, in my humble opinion: I have to have ginger beer. The fizzy makes the drink! The candied ginger added a really great kick (I ate it off the stick) but it lacked the strong ginger flavor I love so much. All in all, a good drink.

The food was incredible though! We had the potato puffs: pillows of smooth potato lightly fried…yum. We also split the Thai lettuce wraps and a chicken sandwich. The service was slow as molasses, but the food pretty much made up for it!IMG_8707

Trendy Tuesday: Short (Faux) Fur Jacket


I’ve never been a big ol’ advocate of wearing dead animal skin. First off, it doesn’t get THAT damn cold in Dallas and secondly, the cost is outrageous, and 3rd, well…I just don’t believe in raising and slaughtering animals for their skin. No judgement for those without issue to it, it’s just my personal opinion.

I’m not trying to start a politically charged debate, just wanted you to know where I stand. Now that you do, I’ll tell ya – this faux fur jacket cost me like $15. No lie. And I get so many compliments on it!! Wanted to share this little Fall outfit with ya – yes, shorts and fur. It’s still like 80 degrees in Texas, c’mon…Blog 1 Blog 2 Blog 3 Blog 4 Maybe Gallery 3Mustard top: Tahari
Denim shorts: Ann Taylor
Necklace: from ReFabulous, the resale store of Dress for Success Dallas
Booties: Top Secret – no, it’s not a brand, I’m just not telling 😛
Ring: From the Malecon in Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico
Sunglasses: Target circa 2011


How Good I Am At Taking Pictures…

Ok my dear readers. You’re in for a treat. I’m one of the world’s worst when it comes to taking pictures in general, but for me to actually get my picture taken or take a (sigh) selfie (I just think too many ends up looking pretentious or desperate) I just rarely ever do. This time, I’ve kept my phone in my hand for most of this (hashtag) Cali trip, so sit tight and check back soon for more pictures and funny stories of my journey to the Golden State!