A Couple of Dallas Things…

Besides being a major hub to the US of A, having some of the best sports teams (ok, ok, we’re still working on the Cowboys) Dallas has a lot of cool things popping up!

Who doesn’t love John Tesar? Dallas’s most infamous chef, known for his bad attitude, womanizing ways, and his stint on Top Chef. Anyone that’s chowed down on his food knows it’s stuff of the gods. Well, he’s done it again with Knife, a steakhouse serving up exotic meats, cool cocktails, and his famous C-Vap burgers. Check it out here: www.knifedallas.com

For most of us, traveling by bus isn’t even on the list of possibilities for travel. Taking a plane from the DFW is really the only way you’ll get out of Texas in any reasonable time. Most Dallas-ites love them some Austin, but who loves that traffic on 35? Not I, or anyone that lives in San Antonio coming up isn’t fond of the jam jam on 35. Enter Vonlane – a luxury bus service from Dallas to Austin that feels more like traveling in a first class fifth wheel. Just look at the pictures – it will make you want to check your weekend availability: www.vonlane.com



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