Yummy Monday

Here’s a (very) quick version of a stir fry Pad Thai I made…it’s not really THAT authentic, but it got me over my hankering:


This is how I did it:

Get out two frying pans. One small and one large. Turn both on medium heat.

To the small pan, add a handful of peanuts. Shake the pan every few minutes so they don’t burn, you want to toast them nicely not char them to oblivion.

To the second pan, add some coconut oil – maybe a teaspoon (I don’t measure) and let it get hot. Once it’s shimmering, add about 2 cups of (gasp) frozen stir fry veggies. Cook according to package directions, but I fit requires you to add a sauce packet, don’t do it. We are going to hook it up with our own (ahem, bottled) sauce in a few.

While all that is working, grab a lime, some cilantro, and a jalapeño or Serrano if you have it. Slice the line for squeezing, everyone does it differently, chop the cilantro for garnish, and chop the pepper and add to your cooking veggies. Probably time to move them around also.

Go ahead and take the peanuts off the fire and dump em on a paper towel. Go ahead and chop them when they’re cool enough to handle.

I hope you have some left over rice noodles or spaghetti. I didn’t make an ingredient list to start out with, so I hope you’re reading this THEN beginning to cook. You could use rice also come to think of it.

Ok, so you’ve got your veggies almost done cooking. Get a bottle of orange ginger sauce and pour some over the top. Remember we aren’t making soup, so add a little at a time until you’re satisfied. Then add in your carb – thin spaghetti was what I had on hand – and toss it altogether.

Dump it on a plate and garnish with your cilantro then peanuts and a healthy squeeze of line juice. Take a picture. Post in Instagram.

Then find a quiet place where you won’t be seen devouring this dish. Trust me, no one wants to see that!

This is a recipe you could tweak to have different results, too! I just thought of scrambling an egg into it, adding tofu for some protein or even chicken or something! You could also fry an egg over easy and mix the yolk-ey goodness in with the sauce. Mmmmmm!

Buen provecho!


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