Behind the Scenes at Somos Metroplex

Last week was the debut of MYN Image on a TV network! I can’t wait to get the video to show you guys what I did. For now, here are a few stills from the shoot!

MYN Image - SomosMetroplex 8

I was texting madly trying to coordinate everyone, no doubt!

MYN Image - SomosMetroplex 7

Getting Dora pinned and rolled and ready!

MYN Image - SomosMetroplex 6

Dora rocked the mixed prints trend for Fall and for back to school!

MYN Image - SomosMetroplex 5

Everyone from the taping: Sonia Salas, the host, yours truly, Dora Caro, Gavi Chavez, and Johana Leal

MYN Image - SomosMetroplex 3 MYN Image - SomosMetroplex 4

Getting the set up just right! And me really listening to make sure I don’t mess it up 😛

MYN Image - SomosMetroplex 2

This one is by far my favorite shot of the day!

MYN Image - SomosMetroplex 1


Final setup before showtime

Stay tuned this week for the final video of the segment – I’m so honored to have been asked to be a part of this project! I wish Sonia all the luck in the world for the future of her career. She’s an amazing host and I felt right at home in the studio. The team was great!


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