Interview with Emme Hathcock of This One Woman Jewelry: Part Two

In case you missed part one, you must read it. Click here for Interview with Emme Hathcock of This One Woman Jewelry: Part One take a second to read it – you will want to know about Emme!

green jasper necklace

Take a look at what she had to say about her ideal client, life experience, and her artistic genius:

How does your life experience play into your jewelry designs?
I am fortunate to be living a life filled with curiosity, astounding beauty and continued learning.  I hope this is somehow reflected in my designs – I am such a part of my jewelry in so many ways. A bit about me might be appropriate here so you can relate to the woman behind the designs.  *deep breath!*  I am a former ballerina, I have studied abroad: music, anthropology, architecture, languages, art history, mythology, Russian literature; I lived alone in Southeast Asia without knowing the language/culture/religion, I have traveled to 27 countries and counting, I’ve volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, The Red Cross and The Red Crescent, rescued animals, fed the hungry, danced in pow-wows, bathed wild elephants in a river, sat in an inflatable boat surrounded by whales breaching, meditated in Buddhist temples in Malaysia, gathered grapes in a vineyard in France and walked through Sherwood Forest.  I am an unapologetic tomboy and a proud descendant of the Cherokee Nation. I am thankful for my animal companions, two hilarious Ragdoll cats, Goliath and Beowulf, and a bouncy rescue puppy, Lily. I am most grateful for my incredibly kind, supportive and loving husband, Clinton (a talented artist in his own right) who totally gets me, makes me laugh and makes me a better person. I think everything I am and have done in my life are incorporated into the tiny beads I work with.  I would like to believe the story doesn’t end with me but instead continues with its new owner.  I sometimes wonder what experiences my jewelry is a part of…a wedding, an anniversary, a cruise down the Nile? I’m happy to think I am somehow a part of the legacy.
Who is your ideal client? How would she represent your brand?
It is my hope that my company name reflects my brand – the woman behind it as well as the women who inspire me and with whom I wish to appeal to and do business with. My brand is, to me, about strength, compassion, elegance, grace, overcoming obstacles, believing in yourself, empowerment, helping others, taking risks and being proudly yourself even when you feel like you don’t fit in.  My ideal clients are women who embody these traits (and the men who love them!).  They know who they are and how they want to represent themselves.  They help others, contribute, lead and teach. They have created their own path to success.  They aren’t afraid to buck convention, they don’t want to look or dress like everyone else. They appreciate one-of-a-kind jewelry for its artistic merit, the story behind it and the connection they have with the person who created it.
Everyone asks what the inspiration is for a piece of yours, so we’ll refrain from that….how do you come up with what you create?
I am inspired by talented, strong iconic women both demure and audacious, living and historical, such as Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra, Lady Gaga, Cher, Oprah, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Wintour and Sarah Burton, to name a few.  I can be inspired by the theme of a movie, a butterfly, a chandelier.  I often am inspired by the stones themselves.  I find a unique collection of stones and, as crazy as this sounds, allow them to tell me what they want to be. The gray druzy and labradorite necklace is an example (INSERT PHOTO HERE).   Sure I could have strung the stones in an orderly fashion and called it done but that is so predicable.  I want to display the stones in an unpredictable way in a design that would make the owner feel proud to show her personality and unique sense of style.  A good example of this is the “Shattered Images” piece I made for The PIN Show.  (INSERT PHOTO HERE)  I wanted to make something with a “wow” factor, so I shattered a mirror from my living room and created a one-of-a-kind necklace by weaving thousands of tiny beads (each 1mm in size) around the pieces.  It took me 192 hours to make and those 192 hours were the least glamorous I have looked in my entire life! But it was worth it. It has already been in 3 fashion shows and 3 photo shoots so far this year.  It takes my breath away to think about.
There are still more questions she’s answered…stay tuned next Wednesday for part three!

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