Yummy Monday – A Little Quiche named Lorraine

My mom always made quiches growing up using leftover veggies and meat we had in the fridge. I mean, really – what do you do with those last few pieces of bacon and half an onion?! You make quiche, my friend. You make quiche. Unfortunately, her pie crust recipe that I wrote with floured hands many years ago seemed to have disappeared. So I went on the search for a new one, never really finding one that held a candle to mom’s. Until this one from Food Nouveau – making the pie crust is a little time consuming, but it’s so worth it! Cut the butter and freeze it – seriously. Use ice water…like, with ice cubes floating in it…you won’t be sorry! This is the best quiche I’ve ever made. I would post a picture for you, but my husband and I, well…we ate it all.

The only variation I did was I made half of everything – I honestly don’t own a spring form pan (only because cheesecake is one of my favorite foods on the planet…can you imagine what I would become if I could make it anytime?!) and I only have the one pie pan I’m proud of. Ok ok, it’s because this recipe is SO caloric! Anyway, besides the smaller portion, I used turkey bacon, and actually did use all 6 eggs – I was just a crackin’ and pourin’ and I did all 6, which was fine because if I had only done the three, there wouldn’t have been enough to fill the crust. I also added garlic. Because who doesn’t like garlic?!

Here is the Food Nouveau version of Quiche Lorraine


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