It’s an Equine Thing

Good morning! Got an email from Z Gallerie about it being the year of the horse, followed with a round up of equine art that sparked me to revisit Jenny Gummersall’s horse abstracts. Kenn Zachmann of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles said “…she forces the viewer to notice the austere simplicity of a single barb of wire or coarse texture of horse’s mane. With this attention to the minutiae, Gummersall captures both the spirit and rugged beauty of the West without the peripheral context common to more tradition forms of rustic photography.” in the August 2007 edition. So true. There is so much beauty captured in her art in an unconventional way, it is hard to just pass it by.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from her collection:

Jenny Gummersall on Facebook
Jenny Gummersall’s blog



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