Something Special

I witnessed an amazing thing today, I wish I would’ve gotten a picture, but I couldn’t get to my phone in time.

I was sitting in the Mc Donald’s parking lot on 360 and Six Flags drive this morning. I didn’t eat there, I was meeting a friend and getting some cards from her before you start side eyeing me!!

So I’m sitting in the parking lot on the south east corner of the intersection. I pull in one space over from some people in an old beat up police car, the girl was barefooted with blue streaks in her dirty blonde hair. The guy had ok some dirty shorts and an old black tshirt.

What I saw next brought tears to my eyes. He got out of the car and was about to cross the busy off ramp! I was like what on God’s green earth?!! So I see him – a man with a sign standing about 30 feet from the red light in the median. The guy in the shorts ran across 4 lanes of traffic to give the guy a big Mc Donald’s drink. I could tell even though it was far away that man was so grateful.

Things like this restore my faith in human kind. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Someone has always got it just a little bit rougher than you do.

All those cliches exist for a reason. I don’t think I will soon forget what I saw this morning!


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