Dress for Success + Gay for Good

As many of you know, I am an avid volunteer at Dress for Success Dallas. I am the Monday volunteer, and I have been volunteering almost every Monday since March of 2013. I will occasionally volunteer other days of the week, and almost always at our newest program, Success on the Go, where we take suits to women in the community without the means to reach us.

Mondays are pretty tranquil, as it’s usually just me, a now wonderful friend of mine from Bolivia named Ericka, and the always amazing Dionne Dean.

Yesterday we had so much going on, I knew they’d need an extra helping hand. This was one of my favorite volunteer days in my Dress for Success Dallas history.

We had our Re-Fabulous store sale going on (who can say no to everything you can fill in a bag for $20?!) and we had orientation with three new volunteers, we had some amazing clients, and we had a volunteer group come to assist us with things around the facility.

Gay for Good brought probably 30 eager people to help us paint, hang pictures, vacuum, sweep, make goodie bags, and help us colorize and change hangers in both the boutique AND the re-sale store. Now I’m sure that there have been great groups in the years before me, but as far as my time being there, they were by FAR the greatest! We all had such a great time, everyone was working so hard, they clearly cared about being there and helping us out.

I wish I could express more gratitude to Gay for Good!! You should know my fervorant support of the LBGT community, and I was overjoyed they came to help! We got everything, and I mean everything done – our facility looks even more amazing, and they did not mind plugging in the vacuum and getting to work. I was highly highly impressed with them and the work they did for us.

I hope someone will pass this blog post onto them! Here are a couple pictures from yesterday:





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