Your Posture Effects Your Mood and Image…Really!

In the world we live in today, stress is at an all time high. Have you ever pondered why we are so stressed out? Probably not. You probably don’t have time! Or worse still, you don’t realize you’re stressed to the max. Your state of mind directly reflects your posture, believe it or not. Your posture then reflects that state to the world. Did you know that walking into a meeting or interview with hunched shoulders and your head down can subconsciously send signals to your audience that you aren’t prepared or qualified. Not a good thing.

Click here to read the appropriately titled article “What Your Posture Says About You” by Fitsom studios

Mary Jaksch over at Goodlife Zen has 5 great tips to correct bad posture. Click here to read them!

Becoming aware of your current posture and habits can help you not only succeed and accomplish things in your work life, but can improve your health for life!

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