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In a eureka moment I just had while trying to decide whether to split my blog up into several, I realized that self image encompasses more than clothing. I want to express my thoughts on personal image, self image, whatever you want to call it, and I don’t want to be just another fashion blogger. Self image is how you see yourself – from the inside out. Naked in the mirror and in party pictures. And you should be happy with what you see.

Two and a half months ago, I was the heaviest weight I’ve ever been. I could only fit into about 30% of the clothes I own and had no money to buy anything new. I was unhappy with myself and what I had let myself get to. I was depressed about my business, about my unruly hair, my growing waistline, my jiggly butt cheeks, the cellulite emerging on my stomach…you name it, I was down in the dumps.

I don’t ever post my “I’m sad today” Facebook statuses because I do try to be a positive influence. I know that there are people going through harder times than I and the last thing I want people to feel is sorry for me. I do know that everything that I’ve become is directly related to the actions I’ve taken in life thus far.

So in that realization, I started to make changes in myself. Gone was beer and wine not only because of the empty calories and God awful sugar content but the actual chemical effect it was having on me. Gone was the white breads and white pastas. I got my ass to run and start working out. I started to see a change in myself a little at a time, and the world got a little rosier.

During my self started self image change, several inspirational people popped back into my life, proving that what you put out (in my case positivity) you get back. Possibly the best thing that could’ve happened was hooking back up with a long time friend, April Wise. We worked together at BCBG many moons ago, now she trains me once a week. With a few more tweaks to my diet (I’m not on a “diet” I just mean the things I eat) I’ve lost about ten pounds and at the last measurement, 10″ off my body.

All that back story to say now that I’m back into 70% of the clothes in my closet, I have a better outlook on life, I’ve been eating better which causes me to feel better which causes me to want to work out, which in turn makes me want to eat better and so on…since then, I’ve re-focused my business and have had an out pouring of support from people that truly care about me and my success. Having someone believe in you, even when you’re on the brink of not is so powerful.

My calling in life is to help people. Right now, I’m focusing on personal styling, personal shopping, closet makeovers, and image consulting. Later in life I want to start a language school and some kind of program to teach our youth how the world works.

All that to say this: I’m keeping one blog. One blog with one message: image. If you see yourself in a positive light, if you love yourself, you can achieve your dreams and conquer the world. Image is more than the clothes on your back. It comes from within. From the food you eat, the exercises you perform, the books you read, the music you listen to…all that has an effect on how you view yourself. So if I can reach out and help someone with this blog by talking about those topics, then I’m doing my job.

I promise to be a better blogger. Writing is also a passion of mine, I don’t know why I’ve left it to the wayside. I’ve been distracted but I’m getting refocused. I’m going to keep my own personal image positive and I’m going for my goal and taking you with me!!


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