Bountiful Baskets

I discovered BB through a couple of great friends on Facebook…I’m now completely hooked and convinced that I will never buy produce the same ever again. Check out what all I got for $15:


YES. $15! You create an account on the Bountiful Baskets website, pick your state, then county and select a site closest to you! The two closest to me are about 20 minutes away, but I will tell ya – it’s worth the drive every time. And it’s a little something like a foodie Christmas when you’re standing in line anticipating what yummy produce you will get for the week.


I always look at the piled up boxes you can take with you for clues as to what we got. It’s like a proverbial gift shake up to the ear if you will…I saw the cantaloupe box, and what I think was cabbage but I wasn’t for sure. I was REALLY hoping for some stone fruit and lettuce and I got both!

Here is what it looks like in the actual baskets:


So basically you get in line, have your confirmation number handy and that’s it! Grab your baskets and put your produce into reusable bags or a box from the pile and you’re done!

Even if you got something in your basket you’ve never cooked with, you can visit their blog for info on it and recipes, too!

I encourage everyone to try it once. You won’t get this quality produce at any store for this price. Plus, I’ve met some pretty cool people standing in line! I almost forgot to mention the add ons like the juice pack, organic breads, Olive and coconut oils…for incredible prices. Better than Sam’s or Costco I dare say.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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