Business Casual vs. Business Professional

Today is the Women’s Entrepreneur Resource Event and I thought it fitting to post about professional attire!

For women in corporate America, the lines between casual and professional can become blurry. Casual Friday might mean jeans-appropriate, but it might just mean a cropped trouser is acceptable in lieu of a full pant. By the same token, business casual and business professional dressing can take on the same ambiguity.

To me, business professional means a matching suit: blazer buttoned with a button down or other well made blouse and a crisp trouser or classic pencil skirt. Colors that come to mind are the classics: black, navy, grey. A business professional outfit is completed with a classic closed toe pump in a dark or neutral color. Jewelry is kept simple and classic – pearls or solitaire diamond or other gem.

When talking about business casual, the rules soften. A cute ballerina flat is acceptable as well as a cardigan sweater or a nice blouse without a jacket. A great print blouse can easily stand on its own.

Check out these couple of examples of business professional vs business casual looks:

Business professional

This lady is dressed to the nines, even for work. She wears an Armani suit, Manolo pumps, carries a Prada purse and has a little bling with her Michele watch.

Business casual

Today is casual Friday and she’s going to the office in comfort in a stretch wool pencil skirt and a fun printed blouse – no blazer needed today! She’s topping her look off with fun YSL heels and a fabulous Prada bag.


Harper’s Knows Handbags

Better late than never…

While parouzing the ‘net for Fashion Week roundups, I came across an article from Harper’s Bazaar highlighting the season’s top bags. Every single one of the handbags is one to covet! If you have the splurge money, I say go for it! You can’t go wrong with any of them. From Louis to Mark to Alexander, the designers have us covered this spring.

Harper’s Bazaar hand bag round up for spring 2014.

Did you know I do Makeup, too?

As you are now well aware, Cami Dean is a power house client! She ran for District 3 in Collin County, Texas for the House of Representatives. An excellent congressional candidate is exactly who I want to have as a client – she is a powerful woman making waves in politics for the better of this country. Here are a few hot-off-the-press photos from a shoot we did on February 28, 2014 featuring my hair and makeup:







Photos by: Vera Crosby
Hair/makeup by: Myaann of MYN Image