Dress Right for Your Body Type

If you read my Body Types post from last week, I’m sure you’re ready for part two! Well, here it is…

About the boob:

General rules of thumb for my girls that well endowed up top, whether you grew them yourself or you had some nip tuck help. (We aren’t mad at ya)

Avoid too many ruffles on top

Regarding horizontal stripes: do teeny ones or wide, almost blocks.

Find a good strapless bra – spend the money on it and try to find one that is convertible so you can wear it several ways

For my smaller chested ladies, wear those ruffles, get a great push up, and enjoy the pleasure of slipping on a bandeau and being able to go!

About to caboose:

These general rules apply to any body type, for my gifted girls. Take heed!

Printed pants are the #1 trend right now, but you have to do it right. Make sure that the print isn’t too busy, or too large. We want to accentuate, not exaggerate.

With pants; jeans or otherwise…make sure they fit in the waistband. Spend the money on one great pair of jeans and a great black trouser and get them taken in!

Balance out your boo-tay with a great structured jacket that you can throw on with jeans or a cute skirt.

This should shed a little more light on dressing right for your body type. Stay tuned for more next time!

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