Nerium AD Lexus Car Bonus Earner

Congrats on earning your Lexus with Nerium, Holly!
In her own words: “Nerium International came into my life at exactly the WRONG time. I had just returned home from a 2-month stay in Africa where I had been doing battle to adopt our 2 precious children from Uganda. Along with our 3 biological daughters, I had now become the mother of 5 children, all ages 7 and under. I was definitely NOT looking to add anything else to my already full plate. However, the shadow of 4 weddings and 5 college tuitions now loomed over our heads, and I knew any additional income would be put to good use. My sister, Janie Burkett, introduced me to this amazing company. I was quickly sold on the revolutionary product as well as the rock-solid business model. I found the time during my busy schedule to devote to product prospecting and Real Results Parties. I’ve seen my team explode in only 2 short months. The lease on one of our family cars had expired and we were able to replace that car with a beautiful Lexus, thanks to Nerium. I am 100% ALL IN with this company. I now see what our family’s future can look like with a little hard work and dedication – weddings and college tuition PAID IN FULL, with a little extra leftover for some fun family vacations. That is what keeps me motivated. If I can do this, ANYBODY CAN DO THIS!!! Thank you, Nerium International, for making this possible!!!”

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