New Year’s Goals

I don’t much like to make resolutions because it sounds so…ya know? Definite. Concrete. I rather like to make goals for myself because I know that with small daily actions, I can reach them. A resolution to me is like doing anything cold turkey. So, here are my 2013 Goals:

To get 5 visual/styling event contracts for MYN Image
600 likes on MYN Image’s Facebook page
100 MYN Updates subscribers
To get my Nerium Lexus car bonus on or before May 1
Join Fashion Group International
Get my LLC for MYN Image
To read 10 pages of a good book a day
Volunteer once a month
Stay calm and stop being so self critical
To be bolder!
To be a part of DFW Fashion Week
To make it onto one of the local morning news channels

It’s a bit of a list, but a lot of the things go hand in hand. I’m so excited for this year and what is coming…there’s one more huge goal that I didn’t list, but I will tell you when I achieve it. 🙂


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