Children These Days…

Tell me if this is weird…

This morning I went to work out with a friend of mine that I recently re-connected with (yay!) this morning. There was a kid about 12, maybe 13 (I’m not great with guessing age) sitting on one of the benches. At first I thought, wow – I think he’s too young to work out, and wait – isn’t today a school day? Yes. He had his backpack with him, but was just sitting there staring at the floor. He didn’t seem like he was waiting on anyone, either. After half an hour, we left and he stayed behind.

My guess obviously is that he is skipping school. She said he’s in there everyday. For two hours now, all I can think about is that I should have said something to him. I should have asked him if he needed a ride or try to talk to him to see why he wasn’t in school. It is really tugging at my heart and I feel like I’m obligated to do something.

For the ones that were at my luncheon yesterday, you know what my ultimate goal in life is. To run an organization especially for single parents and children of single parents…and also some sort of after school program. Kids need a place to vent, and a non-school environment to learn, I believe. I want to teach kids about sex, finance, divorce, relationships…all the things they don’t teach you in school, but are vital to living life.

Is it weird that this is weighing on me, or is it proof of my calling?


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